Thursday, October 1, 2020

An Enthralling Landscape

Lying mesmerized on the shores of an elusive ocean trying to decipher the intricacies of the inevitable.
About what lies concealed deep within the speculation is now barging its way out into the oblivion.

An Enthralling Landscape

The sharks of the sea swim with utmost perfection and look completely at ease with the harsh temper of the waves.

Unperturbed yet so sensitive, they beautifully swim amidst the folds of water.

The lesser-known fish, however, try their best to survive,
Holding on to what is left of their remaining existence.

The deeper and farther one gets from the sea, colder the waves seem-
Lashing ruthlessly against the shore.
Drawing attention to a rather catastrophic symbolic destruction.
Or rather one’s perception of it.

An Enthralling Landscape

Vision clears perspective, they say
And the waves seem no different.
Keeping the marine dynamics alive and preserving the seemingly breathtaking vision of the sea, they are the epitome of balance and integrity.

Desire to experience a seemingly still mass of water never ceases to exist for the safety factor seems to be intact and solid in such a thought.

However, not a single one would want the earth to stop spinning and the days and nights to blend into one long and complex time span of uncertainty.

Read a poem about Pauri where beauty abodes.

Analysis challenges slew of studies claiming ocean acidification ...

Such are the intricacies of life.
Sometimes hard to decipher, difficult to experience yet beautiful to behold !!!

Suman Dharaneppagoudar
Suman Dharaneppagoudar
Currently an Engineer. Hobbies include Literature and Chess. Passionate about nature and travel.

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