Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Anamika Sharma

Software Engineer by profession and writer by passion. By combining the two, I want to make a better version of myself. Writing gives the foundation in addition to the magical words.

One-sided Love: How to deal with it?

Teenager life always makes most of us fall for someone, even if that someone does not fall for you. So, is it right? I...

Best Options for Jaipur Street Food

If you are traveling to this grand city, Jaipur then doesn't forget to taste Jaipur's Chaats. Are you confused about which place to choose...

Natural Best Places to Visit in Malaysia

Once there was a time when most of East Malaysia on the island of Borneo was covered with the natural vegetation along with lowland...

What holds you back to love her more?

What holds you back to love her more? Is it your concern that she will take you for granted or is it that you...

Destinations in India for Solo Female Travelers

Get Ready to Let It Go! Yes, you heard it, right ladies. It is time to let go of your insecurities and dependency. And...

Random Act of Kindness

If we talk about “How random act of kindness will make your day”, then it becomes necessary to know what that exactly means. One...

मुझे छोड़कर तू जी पाएगा

तुझे क्या लगता है मुझे छोड़कर तू जी पाएगा, तो जा कर ले कोशिश अगर मेरे बिना तू रह पाएगा, जिस वक़्त तूने मुझे तोड़ा तब...

10 Methods to Drive Traffic to Website for Free

Drive more traffic to your website for free is an important step to establish and expand your business. Website traffic is an indicator of...

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