Monday, December 28, 2020

Mahammad Asif

Mahammad Asif
I write to admire things from time to time for being able to pierce through the era of science. It unravels the possibilities of new perceptions and so it gives me answers. It gives me an abstract identity. Otherwise I am a doctor by profession.

Beautiful Chaos

It was once, I saw A day full of order A dawn, without it's light A night, without it's sound. Its unusual how A pond is appreciated With dead water...

Long Ain’t Enough

There was an old enough man In an old enough house That I've been walking into since Even before I remember Sitting down in some silence Chewing some peanuts Staring...

First kiss ever!

Gathering crowd around Large lit up screen Showering glitters above Twilight all over,and I was waiting For my first kiss ever Amongst everything around Only thing, I can see Her...

One breath apart!

You know how She was …….. Standing we were one breath apart I touched her hands She clutched, warm They were, something That doesn’t mean nothing Close came, she Stood on my toes Felt...

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