Monday, December 28, 2020

Kanishka Gairola

Kanishka Gairola
A Literature Student who is trying to express her thoughts and feelings through letters and words.

Places to visit in Pauri Garhwal

In the bustling life of a metropolitan city, everyone is always on the move. Horns blaring, phones ringing, cars screeching and metros hustling; nothing...

Effects, Consequences, and Prevention of Drug Addiction

According to the American Psychiatric Association, addiction is a disorder or a mental disease in which the person is fixated using a certain substance...

Tracing The History of Feminism

Feminism, in simplest words, is a belief that men and women should have equal opportunities, rights, and freedom. One may question that if you...


Its 3am,  I look out of the window,  I search through the darkness  To find meaning in the eclipsed moon. READ MEMORIES BURNT It is quiet at this hour,  But...

Media’s Role: Sushant Singh Rajput’s Case

The year 2020 has been nothing but the harbinger of heart-wrenching news. Every night we wish to wake up next morning to some warm...

Current Scenario of Indian Media

With the advancement in technology and industrialization, the role and importance of media has widened in the lives of people. In the contemporary world,...

Bulbbul: A Stark Critique of Patriarchy

If we trace the history of the conventional representation of women in Indian Hindi cinema, there are a few definite attributes soaked in patriarchal...

5 Hilltop Chai-Maggi Stalls in India

The golden sun-kissed mountains crowned with fluffy clouds hike up the grace of blue skies. The chirping birds, water tinkling down the slopy terrain...

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