Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Beautiful Chaos

It was once, I saw

A day full of order

A dawn, without it’s light

A night, without it’s sound.

The 12th 'darkness night' will be held across Belgium on Saturday

Its unusual how

A pond is appreciated

With dead water in it

Yet I throw a pebble at it.

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Its unarguable how

Beautiful the ripple is

And so sometimes

Important the chaos is.

Ripple Pond Tote Bag for Sale by Madeleine Arnett

The period of bore

The course of empty

Mishaps along the way

Unforeseen outcomes.

Left over resolutions

The state of no understanding

The blacked out feelings

And yet picking up the unnecessary.

All the questions

For all those quests

And yet remain unanswered

For there are no right answers.

Read Poem-Pauri Where Beauty Abodes.

30+ Photos That Will Suck You Into Nature's Messy Sceneries -

And nothing real and wrong

Despite being alarmed

against the simple chaos

Its still unspoken how

necessary it is to smile through.

(Poem of Beautiful Chaos)

Mahammad Asif
Mahammad Asif
I write to admire things from time to time for being able to pierce through the era of science. It unravels the possibilities of new perceptions and so it gives me answers. It gives me an abstract identity. Otherwise I am a doctor by profession.

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