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Distance or separation whose fault is it!

Distance is not an automatic former but an effortless creator. So what do I mean by effortless creator here? Distance is created between the two where they don’t put valuable efforts to maintain their relationship asçcc a strong one. And even if after putting efforts there is a distance or separation whose fault is it?

1. Time
Not giving enough time to your partner may really end up in a confusing relationship. Lacking love appears after a certain time period. No more comfort zone with each other and not being up to date with the details or happening can lead to a misleading relationship too. It is one of the main reasons for distance or separation.

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2. Misunderstanding
In case, your partner was trying to be sarcastic just to make you happy. But you took the whole incident in a wrong way and that really upsets your partner and make her believe you don’t understand her personality.

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3. Expectations
Yes! It is the most important part of the relationship. We have heard not to expect but coming to the human tendency we can’t stop expecting from our loved ones. But in case, you are unable to fulfill this criteria then- Man! You are standing there in the danger zone. Most of the time, it is a reason for distance or separation.

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4. Explanations
Don’t ever create this mistake by asking an explanation directly especially from the females. Explanations are needed for those who don’t trust their better-half. The other person finds her trust and understanding questionable.

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5. Nagging in her work
I am not saying she is a perfect human but don’t interrupt in her work life. She is multitasking and believes me she can do it better than you do. It’s not her mistake if she thinks handling the ones she knows and taking care of everything and every one is her duty. Respect her for what she is and what she does.

6. Care for her emotions
When a man can have an irritating nature after job hours then why can’t the female one? No, if you are thinking that I am talking about all men then I am not. I am talking about the possibility here. Even, she does an equal part including job, family, and friends. Getting emotional sometimes is not an issue but what matters if you are there for her or not.

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7. Don’t handle her life
Nobody likes to get control by someone else especially the independent ones. What are you talking about? In this era, where girls can stand on their own feet with their abilities and talents, do you even think they will like to get a handle by someone? Especially when they can buy their own bread and run their family on their own.

Yet, after all this she expects a person to love her beyond what she is. Taking care of her is not your duty but a responsibility which you carry with all your heart. She deserves a smiling and happy life. It is not her mistake to get afraid of the future. Fear of broken promise has been her way all through life. If she sees her happiness in your happiness then you need to hold her strong. Doubts regarding the future are normal but in present, you need to help her build her trust in you.

Anamika Sharma
Software Engineer by profession and writer by passion. By combining the two, I want to make a better version of myself. Writing gives the foundation in addition to the magical words.

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