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Do you even love her?

Do you even love her? Is your girl strong or weak? Can you answer this one at least? No, she is not strong neither is she weak. Man, I am betting you she is both. Even though you just have seen her one side that doesn’t mean you are aware of what she carries. Also, I should say, the one-sided love which she is giving you blocks your senses to see what beauty she is.

Do you call it love? Sure? Have you ever watch your words and actions with her? Are you just so blind that you can’t see that she is way better at it? Do you want to know what better she is and what better she is at? You are going to find it in a short while.

While you were putting on an act with her that she truly belongs to you, she put a far better act to trust your all lies. Even after she knew deep down in her heart that it is a fake castle building which will be demarcated. After those fights when she was the one to come back to solve it out, even, she still believed you love her equally even if you didn’t come first to make up with her. She felt bad deep down for always be the first one to do so, but she stood this way as long as possible. These continue fights and arguments troubled her way too far that exhausts her eating her faith bit by bit. But she never gave up on you.

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Don’t forget about the timings when you were sick. She hides what she is going through because she wants to take care of you. She will not eat after fights, will cry to sleep, and make things worse for herself. Moreover, if things are beyond control, she will shut her doors close to everyone but she will still remember to open another door that is only accessible to you in case you need her. Isn’t she stupid? Even after she is too much hurt, she would accept your apology even after knowing things are going to repeat. There are times when you don’t ask for apologies and just to talk to her calmly after fights, she is going to apologize because for her you are more important. But this doesn’t go this way for you.

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She will still keep hanging with you until her soul is tired and you throw her out of your life. She will be ready to become your emotional, mental, physical, and financial pillar even after she lost everything in this relationship. She will be begging you to stay, to help but you don’t see it worthwhile. I wonder does that give you happiness or she doesn’t give you happiness any longer? Isn’t she a person you were proud to be with? Wasn’t it your mistake to make her held expectations high and after that just drop it off? Or is it just after destroying her that you realize she is not good enough?

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Man, it hurts. It hurts how she is betting herself completely even after know she is going to lose. She is tired of thinking that you will understand how things are for her. Maybe she is not good enough for you, I agreed then find a way that doesn’t destroy her. Don’t make her a joke. Have you ever felt this way: she is talking to you and just fell to her knees, cry uncontrollably even after knowing her parents or world will see her this way? How breaking this could be? And you will end up saying it’s not our mistake if you want to make a joke out of yourself. How much breaking it would be for her?

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She will feel panic or depressed and ask you not to cut the call. You will do it immediately as soon as you hear the sentence that please don’t do this to me. Because either deep down you know she is going to run after you or you are no longer afraid of losing her. Is panicking or depression seems normal to you, maybe it does, but wait until you find your sister or daughter in the same situation. Or until you see someone losing their life because of it. No, it is not a fun matter. It is a matter which troubles her every single moment.

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Do you think she is not strong? Watch her how she is living even when this is not for herself. If you can’t make her happy then watch someone else do it. Stand there and watch how the right man will recover her and turn her into his queen. Her dad treat her just like a princess. and you will do the same once you become a father. Maybe it is going to take a long but you will understand. It isn’t your fault either because women are so emotional that they don’t let you feel what they are doing for you. I am not telling they aren’t wrong but they are wrong in giving it all to the one they love. They should keep some love for themselves too. They should shout out loud when it hurts instead of just bearing it for so long. Definitely, they should stop you if that troubles them. They should be aware of what limits they should put so that it doesn’t get worse.

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They are afraid to talk to people because it will put you look lesser. It makes them feel like it would be an injustice to you. are you sure, you feel this way too? even after having you, she needs other people to lean on, is this how you are being with her in this relationship. You say it’s her fault to talk to others that much personally. But have you ever considered why she needs others? Because she shouted, she needs you so many times, you didn’t appear or you showed your back or laughed at her. When she said she is hurt you didn’t recognize what she was going through and you took her for granted. When she said she doesn’t feel right or prioritize or valued, you didn’t ask her where things are going wrong? Do these things make you seem like you are really her man? Or that you are really strong? Or is she strong who is still loving you?

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It is not that she is going to live alone so stop making her feel so miserable in the name of love. Just get this straight into your head. she is going to be with someone even if it is not you. One day, someone will find her broken pieces and put them in the right place. Or she is just going to do it for herself. But just because of you, don’t make things so tough for her that she closes all the doors and build a wall even for the right one. Let her fly crying if you can’t be the man that will be less breaking than the breaking of her every single expectation. And one day, you are going to see her all cheerful, happy, and satisfying but you won’t see yourself in that picture. Don’t hold her back for your own good. If you are going to hold her that makes it sure you do it for her better life too. Because making your woman happy is just the trait of a true man and weaklings put them down. So, don’t be that weakling. Be a man to keep her happy or watch her go in a peaceful way.

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