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Every single relationship one holds with numerous people one meets and chooses to cherish as a part of one’s life is deeply rooted in friendship for the dynamics of this bond is universal. This goes to all those amazing people who have always been a part of my life, given me loads of amazing memories, brought out my best smile and still strive to bring out the best in me. 

As I was watching the stars from the crevices of my window, a very realistic thought made its way into the depths of my consciousness.

There are some aspects of communication which are beyond the horizons of general speculation.


The aspects which seal a bond deeper than words ever can …

The thought seemed surreal.

I wondered if I should delve in deeper and yet held back for the fear of it being just another random thought.


More came up. One after the other.. one by one.

What builds connection?Beautiful words or caring actions?Both… And some more.

The innate feeling of understanding.That feeling of being able to relate.

Of being a part of your thoughts as much as you are.

Of being able to grasp those unspoken states of human emotions.


Thousand speculations exist around the globe but none pertaining to topics as deep as the aspect of friendship.

Wish something existed so that crazy ones could be busted and people could develop more deeper friendships.

Not many catch that ray of spark and deposit it in your mind.

Not everyone motivates enough to work beyond limit.

Everyone lends their ear but not everyone lends their time.

Everyone makes promises but not everyone keeps them.

And certainly, not everyone has your back.
And yet some do and that is the beautiful irony of the universe.

Growth beyond expectations is never easy.

Unfortunately not many are capable of giving you the priority and support you deserve.

And yet some are .


That is the beautiful irony of the universe.
Some angels will always hold a prominent place in my priority list.

They have redefined friendship in terms of beautiful symphony of understanding, love , concern,care,bonding and wavelength.

Some people hit like powerful strokes of lighting while others gently sparkle the fairy dust.
If I could, I would have called upon my gratitude monkeys but for some relationships in life , even they won’t be enough.
Age is just a number between us as we are ten year olds trapped in twenty.

To everything our souls would ever want to say :No barriers!
Because some relationships grow stronger with wavelength!

Suman Dharaneppagoudar
Suman Dharaneppagoudar
Currently an Engineer. Hobbies include Literature and Chess. Passionate about nature and travel.

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