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Heads off to the parents with an open mentality for their daughter.

How often do we find parents who believe that their daughter deserves the same as their son? That their daughter is not just born for household work but for standing on her own feet. Haven’t we underestimated their value for so long? Even the rituals we carry out for years favor son. And this is the reason why most of the families don’t celebrate the birth of their daughter. Many think that daughters can’t carry the name of the family forward. And that daughter is born just to be a part of other’s family.

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Have we ever thought, women who handle everything single-handedly without a complaint deserve more respect and importance than a man? But are we able to give the same level of respect as given to men? They perform household chores in addition to their jobs. Take care of children, family, and you. Even though if she earns more than you, you are the head of the family with more ego and respect.

Raise your daughter with high standards

Where is she lacking to deserve all the happiness? The foundation needs to be strong to let women know what they deserve and what they are capable of. Parents need to teach their daughter and raise her with the standards of living. Don’t let her feel that females are lesser than men in any field. Heads off to the parents with an open mentality for their daughter.

Give your daughter a taste of freedom

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Many of you will question that giving them equal treatment as to boys will lead them to the way in the wrong direction. But have you ever wondered why so much of trust in your son but your daughter? How many of you could promise that your son will not make any mistake if provided freedom? And how many of you could promise that your girls will definitely misuse freedom? Everything depends on the mentality of the person. Who wants to misuse things will surely misuse whether freedom is given or not give.

Invest time, money and love for your daughter

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Parents are afraid to invest in their daughter because at one point in time your daughter is going to get married. Secondly, if she is going to work it will not be for your family. So, why there is a need for so much investment in her education? So, she could stand all by herself even in tough times. When things go wrong and slip by her hand and she needs to be strong enough to support her family, she is definitely going to need her education.

Let your daughter be a strong supporter as well as a criticizer

Teach them to put their point of view. Women are often underestimated as emotional fools. But this is completely wrong. A person who can be multitasking, can be a dumb person? No, it is just that she is not given the freedom to speak freely what she thinks and believes. Most of the time, daughters are the ones who can handle the whole family emotionally and financially. They are so intellectual that they are teachers, lawyers, learners, doctors, bankers, politicians, and whatnot.

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Let your daughter be herself

Parents who let their daughter explore her life, learn at her own pace, learn from her mistakes, and give freedoms for opportunities and failures are the ones who will never be let down. Because your daughter knows you put trust in her and she is going to keep your trust. She knows you have fought with the world to give her everything she asked for. And what is more important she got a pair of wings that very few girls get to fly. She will be living her dreams and won’t fall for trap or let this world cut her wings down. And again, heads off to the parents with an open mentality for their daughter.

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Give her the colors to paint her own life. Let her handle her own choices and decisions. Tell her that you are there if things go wrong. Let her be a carefree bird. Make her believe she is not born for others but for herself.

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