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How to use Muscular Stimulator

To gain muscle and strength, we need a muscular stimulation shocking the muscle with electricity helps them to grow, recover, and develop faster. With the growing technologies, it is possible to relieve headaches and muscular pain. Also, you can revive frozen muscles that impair movements. This review paper covers the method of assessing the pulse movement in real-time and with the help of this sending an electric pulse to stimulate the muscle.

The muscular stimulator is exactly what it sounds like using an electrical current to stimulate your muscle. When your brain sends an electrical signal to your muscle then it naturally contracts. Muscular stimulator replicates these impulses thus making muscle to contract on demand. Muscular Stimulator is a very weak stimulus for the growth of muscle and shouldn’t be considered a muscle builder.

Does MUSCULAR STIMULATOR increase strength ?

Muscular Stimulator

MUSCULAR STIMULATOR increase strength by improving muscle efficiency. It involves teaching your muscle fibers to fire more effectively. Muscle efficiency means how thoroughly and forcefully your body can recruit and contract its muscle fibers. If a greater number of individual fibers can get activated and harder and faster, they can fire, more weight can be moved. This is how muscles get stronger without getting bigger by leaving to work more effectively and allowing you to get more power. When the brain commands a muscle to contract, many muscle fire fibers but some are held in reserve to take over when the current working muscles get tired. But MUSCULAR STIMULATOR causes all the individual’s fiber of muscles to contract at the same time. Thus, it can activate more fiber in the muscle. When under tension, the body improves its ability to recruit more muscle fibers.


Electrical muscle stimulation or EMS has become a popular method or practice for many years now that helps to rehabilitate the muscle after an injury or surgery. Talking about the early 1960s, it was more often used to prevent the atrophy which occurs when the skeletal muscle is denervated. With the development of the more sophisticated simulated devices, it has become an important method for those who are has sustained a central nervous system along with a stroke or spinal cord injury. Manufacturers have been working very hard for over 20 years to improve the ability to modulate the electrical waveform in electrical current that can be used to stimulate innervated muscles in a comfortable manner.

Muscular Stimulator

With the increase in the development in this field, now it can be used effectively to promote strength gain in the patients who have gone under orthopedic surgery especially ligament reconstructive surgery. With the improved ability of EMS, it has created a huge interest as a training technique for individuals without neuromuscular pathology. If you are willing to strengthen the skeletal muscle in athletes then in somewhat way electrical muscular stimulation seems more effective than exercise. The advantage and purpose of using EMS are that the recruitment order is reversed in comparison with volitional exercise.

In the volitional activity, the very first step is that the central nervous activates the smallest alpha motoneurons. Large motoneurons are activated when a large force is applied. The order of muscle recruitment of muscle stimulation is reversed when the muscle is stimulated using electrical stimulation. The electrical muscular stimulator is marketed to the general public for various uses such as increase in muscle strength, a decrease in body weight and body fat and increment in muscle firmness.

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The equipment of electrical muscular stimulation is reusable carbon electrodes and a single small sponge to moisten the electrode before the use. However, this method resulted in a small superficial burn under the electrode when the stimulation protocol was piloted. When an electrode is moistured by wiping it with the help of a sponge then, as a result, one area of the electrode is covered with water. The electrical current is concentrated in this area which produces a superficial burn. In order to minimize the dermal damage and increase the stimulation more comfortably, place a damp sponge between the electrode and skin so that the electrical signal can be sent uniformly. After every use, the sponge is disinfected. In this way, you can reduce dermal injury. Using this technique, you can stimulate bilateral biceps, triceps, quadriceps, abdominal muscles as well as hamstrings.

Muscular Stimulator

There are certain criteria where not to use an electrical muscular stimulator. It is advisable not to use it at the thoracic area of the patient suffering from arrhythmia, heart diseases, congestive heart failure, and recent myocardial infarction. Do not apply to a person with a built-heart stimulator, defibrillator, or any other medical electrical stimulator. Avoid using it to the area having carcinoids as it may lead to the increase in blood pressure which may cause vasodilation which may further decrease the heart rate. Do not apply it to the head area, malignant or cancer tissue, area of damaged or irritated skin as it may lead to pain and discomfort. As metals are good conductors of electricity so don’t use electrical muscular stimulator at the points where it may get in contact with metals. Don’t forcefully use it for the person who has negative feelings towards stimulation.

How to use Muscular Stimulator?

You have to definitely follow certain rules of Muscular Stimulator in order to make the best utilization and results from the muscular stimulator.

1. Target only one muscle group at a time

Muscular stimulator gives the best chances of success only when it is focused on one group of muscles at a time. So, try not to hit the chest, backs, and other parts of the body in one go.

2. Do limbs one at a time.

If you are targeting the Muscular Stimulator and want to stimulate it maximum then understand that current will get diluted once the leads are placed on both limbs.

3. Relax your muscle by placing it in a comfortable position with no tension.

4. Avoid stimulating antagonistic muscle simultaneously.

Antagonist muscles are those pairs in which one muscle pulls in the other direction of another muscle while the one muscle is relaxing and the other muscle is contracting and vice-versa. The antagonist of biceps is the triceps. So, if you are stimulating your biceps then don’t stimulate your triceps simultaneously. You have to stimulate them separately.

5. Follow the machine instructions properly and place the electrode pads carefully otherwise you are going to hamper or negate the results.

6. Use warm-up method

Don’t just start by stimulating your cold muscle with the powerful current that your machine can produce. Instead, use a one-second contraction warm-up protocol so that the muscle tissue gets ready for even more powerful stimulation.

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