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Places to visit in Pauri Garhwal

In the bustling life of a metropolitan city, everyone is always on the move. Horns blaring, phones ringing, cars screeching and metros hustling; nothing stops. The constant churning of thoughts leaves no room for peace. Do we ever stop to savor the moment we are in? I don’t think people do so, especially when living their occupied lives. Do you ever wonder why people always prefer escaping to peaceful, calming, and remote areas to detoxify themselves, to drain out jam-packed brains, and hence rejuvenate their lives? No wonder mountains are the first preference of most people when they decide on their getaway plans. Mountains are one of the best manifestations of nature’s art. They offer peace for the mind, aesthetics for eyes, quiet surroundings to relieve the ears from everyday chaos and noise. They touch upon the basic senses and help to be at ease with the self.

Pauri is a beautiful town located in the mountains of the Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. Surrounded by the snow-clad Himalayan ranges and forest laden hills, this small but enticing place never fails to captivate the tourists as well as the locals. Mornings are the times when nature is at its best. Sun rising above the horizon, birds chirping and flying through the cotton clouds in the brightly hued sky, little warmth of the early sun while the cold breeze envelops your body; who wouldn’t want to experience this bliss? Afternoons are not that hot, even in summers. And nights are such that you would want to stargaze all night with a warm blanket and a cup of chai or coffee. Such is the calming beauty of this town.

Let us acquaint ourselves with the places in and around Pauri so that should you plan your trip next time, the names already pop up in your mind. Let’s see what are the places to visit in Pauri.

Ransi Stadium 

Places to visit in Pauri Garhwal

Being the second-largest stadium in entire Asia, Ransi stadium is known for its state-level game tournaments of various kinds. Located amidst the belt of pine and deodar trees, this stadium is 2km away from the main city of Pauri. Besides being famous for sports, people choose it for picnic outings, since there is a greenfield right next to the stadium where you can enjoy nature alongside the picnic.  To reach there, you can either use a personal vehicle or trek to that place through the forest.


Kandoliya Temple  

It is one of the peaceful places in Pauri where you can literally hear the sounds of nature. Nestled on the top hill of Pauri, the temple offers a sweeping view of the entire town. The temple is surrounded by an extensive forest area with a park in between where people often enjoy being in after offering prayers at the temple. To reach here You can take a taxi, private vehicle or by foot via library road or Vikas Marg Road. It is 1.5 km away from the main bus stand.

Khirsu Park

Places to visit in Pauri Garhwal

30 minutes drive from Pauri will lead you to this mesmerizing place where a beautiful picnic spot with a park awaits your presence. It is one of the amazing places to visit in Pauri. A variety of slides rides in the exuberant green park filled with beautifully laid pine trees all around largely attract the tourists. You can lie on the lush green field and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. This place is curl up in the lap of nature and offers you fun as well as mental peace. Come along with your friends or family, you would go back with nothing but memorable moments.

Messmore Inter College (MIC)

It is one of the oldest schools in Pauri; established in the year 1865 during British rule in India. The infrastructure of the school is a reminder of British architecture. It is located almost 2 km away from the bus stand, in the Christian colony of the town surrounded by thick woods on one side and residential area on the other. The location is worth a visit. The school symbolizes the historicity of the place which can be traceable even beyond the British rule. Down the lane, there is a beautiful methodist church where locals as well as tourists offer their prayers and get to see the panoramic view of the town from the bottom of the hill.


Kyunkaleshwar Temple 

Places to visit in Pauri Garhwal

This beautiful temple is located almost 500mts from the Ransi stadium. There is a road through the thick deodar forest that stretches to the bottom gate of the temple. From there the visitors walk through the stairway to reach the main temple. Once you are there at the top, serenity surrounds you; and what could be better than being in a peaceful state in the lap of the divine realm. The best time to visit this place is during Shivratri since magnificent celebrations take place in the temple.  

Teka point

It is a famous chai (tapri) point located 5kms from the main town on the top of the hill. The journey to reach this chai point is captivating; there is a road surrounded by thick jungles on both sides with few waterfalls on the way. At the end of this journey, a cup of chai is no less than a bliss. Moreover, it is one of the must-visit places to visit in Pauri for tea lovers.

These are some of the places explored by tourists every year especially during summers, and NOW its time for YOU to visit and take delight in the aesthetics of this town.

Kanishka Gairola
Kanishka Gairola
A Literature Student who is trying to express her thoughts and feelings through letters and words.

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