Privacy Policy

We, The Ingenious Scribblers maintains the Privacy Policy and officially appreciate the value of maintaining your privacy. We give importance to your trust that you keep in us and your privacy is valuable to us as well. The policy describes the terms and conditions of the information collected from the user on The Ingenious Scribblers.


Agreeing after reading and understanding the policy and the privacy mentioned, you can very well use our service and solutions on the website. Otherwise, you are requested to avoid our services and solutions in case if you disagree.

Personal Information

We don’t require your personal information. But in case, if you share our post then the information you provide during this process is taken by the third parties for which you can’t blame us, hence we are not responsible. Third parties such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc for. If we ask you for any personal information then we promise that we are not going to share it with anyone else at any cost. It will only be told to authenticated person. In order to help you to solve your aspect through the live interaction, we use Drupal chat services. You are requested not to give any personal information to anyone during the chats. If you do so then we are not responsible.

Non-Personal Information

We are not responsible for your non-personal information. This information includes IP address, operating system, URLs, Cookies Metadata which helps in the identification of the user technically rather than personally.

Third-party website and information sharing

We use many social media site which is the third parties website. It includes Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Law enforcement

In good faith, we may out your personal information to third parties. In bad faith, we need to disclose it for the civil actions, legal investigations, or criminal matter for the investigation of illegal and fraud actions.

If you are taken to the other website that is not under our control after you click on any link if the third party websites then we are not responsible for it. Every website has its own policy so we request you to go through it.

Grievance Officer

According to the Information Technology Act 2000 and in accordance with the rules, you are provided with the name and details of the Grievance Officer:

Anamika Sharma



In order to ask any questions related to the Privacy policy and other concerns related to your privacy, you can always contact us on

Updates to this policy

This policy was last updated on 03.01.2017 and we will notify in case if we change or update the policy. Keep checking our website for updates periodically.


In case if you choose to visit our website then you must follow the Privacy policy and terms and conditions of the website. Under this policy, if any dispute occurs then it must be governed by the laws of India.