Thursday, March 4, 2021

Random Act of Kindness

If we talk about “How random act of kindness will make your day”, then it becomes necessary to know what that exactly means. One can think of a time when someone was kind to him then the feeling of that moment is better than the explanation that you are searching for. Every day few unique people search for the opportunity to show their kindness no matter whether the other person is ready to return that back or not. Our motive is to give without expecting anything in return or simply we can frame it that we need to be selfless. Let us know the acts which we can do or are related to us and more importantly how they are useful to us too.

1.Love your enemies

How many of us love our enemies? No, most of us don’t. But the ultimate act of kindness is to understand your enemies. If you remind yourself of the very situation where that person needs someone but due to his behavior nobody is ready to help him. Then, why can’t we take a step further? This act of ours will surely make things better and it is how we learn forgiving people and forgetting the things which become obstacles in our lives. Love your enemies is a random act of random.


2. No judgment

It is easy to judge people around you. If a girl keeps crying then people will make fun of her. But does it make sense at all? She may be emotionally weak. Don’t you think you should be with her to give enough support and care so that she can share what she feels? Sharing always brings people together and you totally need to respect her and her decisions.

3. Investing time for someone’s good

One of my friends is less active on social media when I tried to find out the reason then something very unique came up. He is investing his time in teaching the daughter of his housemaid. So, that he can get a feeling of satisfaction that he helped somebody.

4. Bring smile

 Make the other person smile, it is the most common activities that we all do in our daily life. We all have noticed that someone sitting with a long face in a corner but unknowingly we smiled at him and his face lit up with a bright smile.


5. Don’t let them feel alone

A very little thing that you can do for others is never to let them eat alone. If you see someone sitting on a table, then don’t let them feel alone. Go sit with them so that both of you get a company together.

Some acts are so crucial that they become the necessity for someone’s life. If we put ourselves apart from selfishness then we may realize that act of kindness is not only important to the other person but it is also necessary for our inner needs and satisfaction.

Anamika Sharma
Software Engineer by profession and writer by passion. By combining the two, I want to make a better version of myself. Writing gives the foundation in addition to the magical words.

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