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Registration steps for TCS NQT 2021

All the steps of registration for TCS NQT 2021 is mentioned here. Just go through each steps so that you can easily register for the TCS NQT 2021. Registration are open till 17 October 2020. Follow these steps and get yourself registered.

Steps to register in TCS NQT 2021

Go to TCS NQT 2021 portal

Step 1: Click on Register Now button on the website.

Then if you are existing user then you have to just login to website, otherwise follow next step.


Step 2: Click on Create Account. This is to get register you on the portal.

Step 3: After clicking create account a window will open, here you have to enter your Full name, your password which is required at the time of login, and your number accordingly.

Step 4: After filling your details read privacy notice, privacy policy and terms of use and then checked the “I have read, agreed and understand the Privacy Notice” and then click “OK”.

Step 5: Then a new window will open, there you have to enter location and continue. Then the registration form will appear. And be ensure that all your details is correct because if it is found wrong then it may lead to disqualification.

Step 6: At number 1 you have to enter your personal details:

First name, last name, emailed, DOB, state you live, your residence city, and your mobile number. After filling these details click on Generate OTP. Then enter the OTP you received.

Step 7: Next at 2nd number you have to enter your educational qualifications.

Select your Graduation Degree then your specialization then you have to select the month and year of graduating means your passing year of that graduation degree and then Enter your institute name from where you are pursuing your graduation.

Step 8: After that in 3rd section you have to provide your examination details. Like there are two mode of examination one is online and another one is in centre. For online examination there are certain requirements which you have to ensure that it is available or not. And for in-centre, you just have to select your nearest centre and then you have to upload your photograph according to the format and dimensions (max. 1MB in jpg or jpeg format).

Step 9: After that you can see the subject from which the questions will come by clicking i button.

Step 10: Then you have to just enter the characters showing in image and read disclaimer and click I agree and then submit your application.

Step 11: After submitting your application you will see a pop up which tells you about your application number and status of application weather it is successfully submitted or not.

Step 12: And if you wonder that any information is mistakenly incorrect then don’t worry you can just click on edit application and correct it.

Step 13: Now by email id and your selected password you will be able to sign in the portal and get the updates.

arpit Kushwaha
arpit Kushwaha
I am passionate about Software Development, idea building and I keep thinking about the ideas. But this lockdown has helped me to find my hidden talent. By writing, I can express my feelings and also share my knowledge.

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