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मैं इतनी बेपरवाह-सी लड़की तेरी इतनी परवाह क्यों करती हूं|

बैठी रही मैं यह सोचकर कि तू एक दिन मुझे समझेगा, तू मेरी जिंदगी में अपना भी एक किरदार समझेगा, पर जाने कैसी कशिश-सी है इस...

Things to Survive your Love Relationship during Lockdown

The current pandemic has put couples through the test of endurance. For some couples, it has yielded the positive effect while others had valuable...

Rare kind of relationship

We often end up with a rare kind of relationship without even knowing. She is building herself strong and he is trying to figure...


All of us have one or more connections in life. But we often fail to see them easily. I was looking at her and...


Who does not fight? Well, there is a necessity to fight in every relation. After she came to know the truth, she is not in...

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