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Tips and Topics to prepare for Physics Class 12

Students keep struggling with Physics no matter how hard they try. Remember, it is not the rabbit who wins but a slow and steady tortoise. Intelligent one without practice is the rabbit and one who doesn’t understand much but keeps on putting effort is the tortoise. Decide which one you want to be? Below are the tips to prepare for physics class 12. These tips might not resolve every difficulty that you are facing but surely will give you a direction.

Tips to Prepare for Physics Class 12

1. Change your mindset

While you sit for studying don’t sit with the mindset that you are not able to do it. Stop thinking about Physics is too difficult. Thinking this way will make things more difficult for you. Bringing positivity will change your perspective on your subject. Anyhow, you have to do it. So, why not do it with enthusiasm and interest. An open mind and desire to learn are the key to success.

2. Don’t compare yourself with others

Don’t run this race to finish the course. Instead, be the one who can remember the topic after reading it once. So, you don’t need to memorize or understand it again and again. Don’t ask others how much they have finished. By doing this, you are digging your own grave.

3. Decide the most suitable time

The most suitable time to study physics is when you are fresh and ready to take in what you study. It has to be either early morning or night. Decide your own time and don’t ask others when you should study.

4. Start with a plan

Don’t start studying simply without any plan. One must have a plan. Having a plan is going to save a lot of time of yours and you will get to know it once you give it a try. Once you have a path you don’t need to decide which direction to take. So, you are going to save time here.

5. Make a separate notebook for derivations

class 12 physics all derivations - YouTube

One of the most important tips to prepare for physics class 12. Derivations play an important role in this exam. So, you need to pay a lot more attention to derivations. Leave the first few pages for jotting down the derivation title and page number. Maintain it in a manner that you can practice and find derivation easily whenever you need it. Moreover, it will come handy while preparing for the exam. Make sure you are ready with your derivations. Revise them as much as possible. Don’t forget to write an introduction or theory wherever you can between derivations just to make it clearer. Correct diagram or graph along with the diagram title and labeling with fetch you more marks.

6. Practice last year question papers

This is the smartest step every student must take in order to perform better. It is going to level up your thinking and answering ability. You will get to know what type of questions you can expect. Moreover, it will give you an idea of how much you are prepared and where you need more practice. You will learn how to approach a question. Moreover, strengthens your time management.

7. Invest time on derivations and conceptual questions

Invest time on derivations and conceptual questions and don’t run behind numerical. Don’t waste much time on numerical. 

8. Focus on NCERT

Don’t try to run behind reference books as soon as you start studying. It is important to focus on NCERT first. If you are planning to read standard books without completing or referring NCERT, you are going to get stuck. Remember to stick with the topic and amount of information you need otherwise, reference books are going to drive you to a different world.

9. Long Numerical

Afraid of seeing long and lengthy numerical in your paper? It will be having a simple answer for sure. Also, recap what you have studied. Find that suits that numerical. First of all, write whatever you can extract from that question and note it down. Try to relate it with what you have studied. You just have to put it in the formula after converting all that is given in the standard units. Usually, numerical problems are simple but just given in a different manner.

10. Pay attention to SI Units

While you are dealing with derivation or numerical, pay more attention to SI Units. It requires you to be more attentive while dealing with any sort of numerical value.

11. Memorize what important variable represent

It is important to know what each variable stands for. Getting stuck while solving the numerical or answering any question just because of this stupid reason is going to make you more anxious.

Example : ‘a’ stands for Acceleration

‘A’ stands for Area,

‘T’ stands for Toque,

‘I’ stands for current and many more.

12. Jolt down formulas

If you are not able to practice numerical before the exam then at least jolt down all the formulas at a separate place. This will come handy during the exam. Memorize them.

13. Draw diagrams

One of the simple methods to fetch marks is drawing diagrams. Don’t forget to write the diagram title and label it. If it requires a graph then properly define the x-axis and y-axis along with units.

14. Pay Attention to unit conversion

The question paper includes variables with different units of measure to trip you up on the test. Make sure you read the question completely and remember to covert the units as questions require. Do remember this before you solve the question and end up getting the wrong answer.

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Physics Class 12 Derivations Topics

Physics Important Derivation For Class 12 - Important Physics Derivation -  AglaSem Schools

1. Galvanometre
2. Transformer
3. Amplifier
4. Transistor
5. Biot savart law and its derivation
6. Dipole derivations
7. AC generator
8. Electric field due to an infinite wire
9. Work done in moving a test charge from infinite to a certain distance of ŕ
10. LC, LR and LCR circuits and their phase diagrams
11. Energy level diagram for hydrogen
12. Microscope, telescope
13. Spectral series
14. Huygens principle and young double slit experiment
15. Theory of fringes

16. Lens maker formula

17. Potentiometer and meter bridge.

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Physics Class 12 Numerical Topics

CBSE Class 12 Physics Important Formulae All Chapters Concepts for Physics  Revision notes

1.Ray optics numerical from NCERT.
2. Current electricity numerical from NCERT.
3. Try to solve at least previous 5 years numerical.
4. Radioactive Decay life numerical from S.L Arora.

Physics Class 12 Conceptual Topics

1. Go for S.L Arora XII (Both Vol 1 and Vol 2)
2. Previous year papers.

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