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Tips for interview to stay calm

Resume, Work Experience, Education and skills, all of them play an important role in obtaining a job. But interview is the most important step above all. It sets a criterion whether or not you will be hired and also forms an impression of you on employer. So, it is important to nail it. While you meet the job requirements, still, it is vital to perform exceptionally in an interview. But interview nerves make it difficult. Here, are some tips how to calm your interview nerves.

Nobody can deny, that they don’t feel anxious during interview. But one should have a right preparation and attitude to have a win-win situation over interview nerves.

1. Be Prepared

Tips for interview

This is the very first step to prepare for an interview and also a significant step to calm your nerves. If you are not prepared then this can definitely create an odd situation for you. If you are prepared then you are definitely going to be confident. Find exactly the things you need to know such as the place of an interview and timings. Take all the necessary documents and other required things with you. Jolt down the things you might need to take.

2. Plan

Planning is the backbone of any executional activity. If you don’t plan beforehand about how you are going to get to your interview place then it will make you worry. Worrying will make you do things in a wrong way. So, isn’t it better to plan your travel a day before? Plan your documents in a manner in which you can find them easily. Get everything ready in advance will surely boost your confidence.

3. Rehearse

It is importance to rehearse some of the obvious questions that you might encounter during interview. This can really bring you in a comfortable position. No, don’t memorize your answers. Instead, just jolt down the outline points which will also help you remember things instead of a lengthy answer. When you are under-prepared, obviously you are going to be nervous.

4. Practice and Do your Research

Tips for interview

Researching is an important part. Homework makes you feel much more confident. An important piece of advice is that you should always do your research. The more you know about, less worry you are going to be. It is important to research and jolt the points in the diary that you are gong to carry or your phone. Building Address, Company, Post for which you are giving interview, Post Requirements are some of the important factors that you should research about. Also, try some mock tests beforehand.

5. Eliminate the Unknown

Tips for interview to stay calm

Eliminating the unknown is much more important than you realize it is. Making the interview familiar will let you know what you can expect from this interview. Dilemma can cause confusion which can further lead to nervousness, so try to eliminate this factor as much as possible. Unsure of required documents, dress code just call up the reception.

6. Check your appearance

First impression is equally important to your preparation of the interview. Try to wear proper and wrinkleless clothes. Don’t let your clothes to be too shiny and bright. Wear right pair of shoes and take care of your hair. Appearance gives an impression to an interviewer if you are serious or casual about the interview. Watch your posture, make eye contact, don’t shake during interview.

7. Arrive Early

Arriving early eliminates the factor of risk of getting late for the interview and messing up things. Know the exact location, be early there and get yourself comfortable with the place. Relax for a bit, calm yourself down. Avoid rushing so that you can have enough time to centre yourself and gather thoughts.


8. Eat Good and Healthy

Don’t be so nervous for interview that you will end up hungry for the interview. If this is the situation then you are calling for trouble. Eat something which contains energy-boosting antioxidants. Or, you can definitely rely on your favourite food to uplift your spirit.

9. Prepare for the Worst

Tips for interview

Don’t let fear take over you. Remember, there is always an answer to your fear. By thinking ahead of your situation, you can be confident that if something goes wrong, you can handle it. Thus, you need to be proactive.

10. Exercise

Exercising is stress relieving for many people. Considering an option of going for walk. Fresh air helps you in uplifting your mood and also it clears your head. Try to breathe deep and slow. To release all the healthy endorphins try running or jogging. Exercise helps in getting more oxygen into your body as well as it gives you a physiological lift.

11. Call an uplifting friend

Nothing can be better than talking to the one who encourages you and makes you feel more confident. No matter, if it is a friend or a family member, if that person can make you believe in yourself and brings your comfortable zone to you. It’s no harm to let someone bring that comfort to you, if you can’t do it by yourself.

12. Plan something for later

Planning something for later is just a fantastic idea to put in some energy for feeling excited after the interview. A nice fancy meal and an outing with a friend or shopping or watching a movie in theatre is just a great idea. No matter what it is, just make some plans after you are done with your interview. This means you having something amazing and exciting to look forwards to, instead of seeing agitations and fears.

13. Listen to Music

Tips for interview to stay calm

Music has the ability to cure things. Just try listening to some motivated songs or songs which can make you feel normalize. Go for any genre that pumps you up. With the help of music, you can beat your fear and fill yourself with excitement and energy. Moreover, negative thoughts will turn their way back and give way to positive one.

14. Use your stress as adrenaline

Do you know nervousness and adrenaline are highly correlated? Do you know that getting pumped up before an event can also result in a better result? It is important to go with the flow. Don’t think of nervousness as a hindrance but a positive factor.

15. Meditate

Tips for interview to stay calm

Meditation is a healer for many. Not only, it helps you to calm down by clearing your head but also fills you up with a positive energy. By increasing your focus, it improves your chances of performing better in an interview. It helps in rationalizing your fear. Remember, your heart knows it all. So, it is important to trust your instincts and voice of your heart.

16. Focus on Strength and Purpose

It is important to focus on strength and purpose of why are you there. Are you there to lose and getting afraid and to turn things against you? Once, you are clear with your purpose of being there then nothing can stop or hold you back. Automatically you get filled with an energy that turns situation in your favour.

17. Accept the fact-Mistakes will happen

Who doesn’t make mistakes? You need to realize that mistakes will genuinely and naturally happen. But you have to take them in a positive way, instead of feeling low. Try to take the responsibility of your mistakes and learn from them. Employers aren’t looking for perfection but for someone who is willing to learn, cooperate and take the responsibility.

18. Think of interview as a conversation

Remember, you are not going to fight in a war. It is just an interview. Think of interview as a conversation about your career so you can fit with the right job profile and company. As much as you are looking forward to find a right job for you, even they are also equally looking forward to find the right match for the job. Remember, it is fine if you need some time to relax. As interviewers know that you are nervous and they will surely allow for it.

19. Give yourself a pep talk

Do you think it’s crazy to talk to yourself? Not at all. One should embrace the positive pep-talk and should take full advantage of it. They way we speak to ourselves is much powerful. Reframe your unhealthy or negative thoughts into the constructive one. This will make a difference in your life too. Try to tell yourself that you are going to have a lot of more opportunities and should try to make out of this opportunity.  

20. Watch videos(Funny/Motivational)

Visuals are more effective than audio. So, there a lot of stuff out there on internet which is really helpful to calm your nerves down. Variety of options are available when it comes to funny or motivational videos. When you listen to others about how they failed and how they learned from their mistakes. It will be easier for you to accept the reality. They just don’t calm your brain and make you trust that life is not only about harsh realities but the sunshine that you will see at the right time. Hard work pays off.

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