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What is IoT Technology?

Today, the internet is everywhere and through the internet, we can perform multiple tasks. Imagine if you have to operate something or perform some task but instead of doing that task you just say the task or just click on that task and it will be done. Like you are lying on bed and suddenly you feel cold or hot. You don’t want to get up and come out of your comfort zone.

For this, you are checking if somebody is near the switchboard or wish, someone just passes by so that they will turn on the ac. Or you can understand with another example, there is a person who is disabled or met with an accident. Can he/she do things for himself/herself? But it is possible to some extent that their voice or their mobile phone do for them. Basically, this concept is IoT – it creates a network of physical objects and through that, they will be able to share the information or task with the help of smart devices over the internet.

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What is IoT?

IoT is just an interconnection of physical devices to share or collect the information by the network built by the physical devices over the internet. Or simply we can say, the devices which we can connect to the internet are IoT or IoT devices. With the help of IoT, we can expand in multiple sectors like consumer, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure. The invention of IoT devices has become very popular among consumers. Nowadays, you can see in your daily life that most of the people are using this technology in terms of vehicles, home automation, fitness band(wearable health device), etc. And home automation is very much popular when it comes to IoT. There are many platforms through which you can connect your smart home appliance with these platforms. Platforms like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod, Samsung SmartThing Hub, etc.

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How IoT works?   

It is a network that uses an embedded system like sensors and web-enabled smart devices. IoT device just shares the received data through the network to the device or cloud depending upon what the user has input in the sensor. These devices do maximum work without human interference. But you can interact with these devices and you can provide them with instructions and access data. AI and ML are used to collect data from the user. Let’s understand this whole process with an example. You want to turn your fan off, you say “turn off the fan”. This data is collected by an IoT device like a sensor or microcontroller. Then collected information is analyzed and transfer the instructions to the smart fan through the communicable medium established by the internet and it will be turned off.  

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Pros and Cons of IoT

Advantages & Disadvantages of IoT - Tutorial And Example

Cost-saving: With a minimum investment we get the highest throughput. It reduces Bottleneck, breakdown, and system damage.

Communication: It keeps physical devices connected though it is far from us. And the conversation between the machines has great quality.

Automation: The device is built to increase the profits with the help of automation. It reduces production costs without human intervention.

Efficiency: Because there is a machine to machine communication. Thus, it reduces the processing time due to no human intervention.

3 Major Disadvantages of IoT You Must Beware!

High dependency on technology: Now people are getting technology freak and this technology helps in doing little things also. So, people become lazy and unhealthy due to less work, efforts and also reduce the quality of social life, etc.

Employment: Somehow, it snitches the job from the unskilled workers. As a part of society, we should take care of every living being.

Privacy: We provide almost all information to these devices from the daily routine to passwords. And all the information utilizes the internet, so hackers may steal your information.

Complexities: IoT is a very high-tech technology with vast diversity. So, a single error or failure may have a huge impact.

arpit Kushwaha
arpit Kushwaha
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