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What is Peer Pressure?

“I want to do it because she did it”- heard this kind of statement many times before. Isn’t it? This statement serves as an important factor in defining the social behavior of human beings.

Pondered over what triggers such a dependent response? Peer pressure!!!

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Peer pressure is a very subtle yet extremely influential aspect of human behavior. It seems as if the universe was created keeping a set of norms and regulations in mind which via some telepathic segment of transfer has been imbibed in an individual’s psyche. If the Lord of creation does exist in reality, one can reason out the presence of a redundant segment of creation- stereotypically influenced behavior exhibited by every soul breathing in oxygen for survival with a very far-fetched essence comprising issues beyond acknowledgment and has so many dimensions that it never ceases to amaze a layman. Survival can be ultimately stated as the existence against time.

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Stereotypically influenced human behavior also happens to form a part of this evidently elusive and unacknowledged aspect of existence. Peer pressure is one of the ways an individual adapts to an ever-changing and rapidly growing global scenario. It happens to be very different from ‘socially defined ‘ behavior. Socially defined behavior is globally expected behavior focusing on an individual’s ability to maintain peace and harmony. While peer pressure is a self-perception of globally accepted behavior that affects an individual’s personal growth, hampers psyche, changes goals, and possibly strips one off his self-confidence to the extent that the individual in his mind becomes a mere spectacle of the globe.

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Help your child resist peer pressure

There lies a very thin line between being affected due to peer pressure or due to the violation of the social norms. The latter being more conspicuous and the former being a dynamic component of a psychiatric equation which is in the spectrum of control. This also seems to be the root of most of the tangible problems. What can be considered as a seemingly efficient solution is just confined to an individual as this aspect cannot be eliminated completely because it is already imbibed in the psyche. One of the ways to tackle this is to comprehend the difference between socially accepted behavior and socially induced behavior.

Suman Dharaneppagoudar
Suman Dharaneppagoudar
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