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Why Love is so demanding?

Does love demands so much? Or is it the relationship that asks for more? Being more into that someone who doesn’t treat you equally hurts. He becomes your priority and you become a part of his family too. But have you ever considered your emotional needs before his needs? Have you ever tried to tell him how you exactly feel like? Have you ever sat for a while just to see if he can walk a mile for you?

So that you could be happy too in walking a thousand miles if he just covers that one mile for you. No, I am not telling it’s his fault. It’s your fault too. Having an emotional need is one part and expectation is another. Aren’t men and women have different needs? Aren’t you aware of how tough the man is brought up so that they can be strong? And on the opposite side, the girls who cannot see beyond love, emotions, and sensitivity.

What Is the True Meaning of Love in a Relationship

No, I am not saying that the two can’t stay together. But what I am saying is they are so opposite in their basic nature and emotional needs. Even after knowing this, they still want to stay together then they have to turn the situation in their own favor. Time, understanding, patience, and immense love should take their love path. Holding the hand of the one whom you think you are in love with is a bliss. There are people who don’t get this chance. Also, there are people who get this chance and ruin the situation and lose their love one or the one who loves them. You have to be careful even with the small things when it comes to relationships.

Both of you have your own life and along with those tons of insecurities. Don’t try to invade so much into each other’s personal space. Don’t tell what the other person is supposed to do. Instead, let him/her know how you feel about that thing or situation in a particular way. Efforts should come from both sides. And if the balance isn’t the same, one of you is going to get overloaded and burdened up.

Three Pillars of a Healthy Relationship – Love, Care, and Share -

Open your heart for the one even in the worst situation if he/she is wrong because if you close that door then the person could be shattered. Once or twice she might come to you but then she would better learn to hide her feelings or keeping her stuff to herself. No, I am not saying you are mistreating your women. All I am saying is, she needs you more than you need her. You are taught to be strong but she isn’t.

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You might not consider these things big and may also find all this childish or overreacting. But this is the way, it goes with them. At times, your girl will stand with you and laugh with you even when you are shouting at her, and at other, if you are showcasing your love, she will turn you down. She will hide for a few days, stop showcasing her love, won’t be like before she used to be and other certain changes that you fail to notice. There are chances she is upset with you, or with herself or you didn’t do something she was expecting. Why is she so upset with you? Because she needed you and she tried to tell you but you didn’t understand. You took it another way round or thought it is unimportant to you.

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Love - Relationship - Astrology : Decoding Destiny

She tries to be the best when she is with you. Even if you can’t see her efforts, trust me, she is doing more than what is capable of, for this relationship. It’s her fault that she tries to find love of every kind in you. She thinks of you as her world and this is where things are going wrong. Because you can’t be everything to her. She tries to find the broken pieces to fit into your puzzles. All the pain she has gone through her life, she believes you will make it up for her. You will make things okay for her. And that’s why love is so demanding.

Anamika Sharma
Software Engineer by profession and writer by passion. By combining the two, I want to make a better version of myself. Writing gives the foundation in addition to the magical words.

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