Wednesday, January 27, 2021

You are allowed to leave

You always have an option of walking off when you think you are in the wrong story. It is not compulsory to complete the whole story in which you don’t see your worth and think you don’t fit in. If you think the story is not allowing you to love yourself then you are allowed to leave.

There is no point of staying in a city which has stolen your all dreams, made your life darker instead of shining it. You are allowed to leave-taking your things to start it all over again and to start it all fresh. You always have an option of redefining your life if you are not satisfied with what you have.

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World can’t judge you from outside so there is no point in listening to them. You will always be happy if you have the guidance of your inner and let you decide what you want rather than anybody else taking control on your life. So, if things go wrong then you will still be satisfied as you took the decision. If you are not happy with your job even though it is paying more than you are allowed to leave. You are allowed to leave and approach the life you want and search for the things which makes you look forward to tomorrow and not make you regret of past.

If your partner is treating you poorly then you are allowed to leave. It is not your selfishness if you put yourself first for settling. If you have tried millions of times and nothing has changes then surely it is not your mistake and you are allowed to leave.

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Friendship or any relationship contains toxic and you are allowed to leave and detach yourself, let love and encouragement surrounds you. Be with the people who nurture you. You are free and allowed to choose and pick the energy which you want in your life. And you are allowed to leave past and forgive yourself, no matter if the mistakes are small or big. You need to be kind to you and love the person whom you see in the mirror.

Expectations are the hurdles in everyone’s life. I don’t deny that the expectations does not give great results. But most often they end up changing a person which is not right. You are allowed to leave by breaking the jail of expectations. Sometimes, we see leaving as our weakness or quitting.

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We need to understand that sometimes leaving is the best thing we can do. It helps in changing the direction and start our life all over again so that you can discover yourself and as well as the world. Leaving allows you to get away from wrong people or from wrong place. Leaving brings thousands of opportunities which you thought you will never get or which you stopped dreaming about.

Anamika Sharma
Software Engineer by profession and writer by passion. By combining the two, I want to make a better version of myself. Writing gives the foundation in addition to the magical words.

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